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2017/1/12 – Digital Copel Tablet Rental in Takeo Library

In a collaboration effort with Takeo City Library in Saga Prefecture, we are pleased to announce we have begun offering a free rental service of tablets specifically loaded with Digital Copel. Library users may use the tablets for 30 minutes in the children’s reading area of the... read more

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Our Apps

FUNX develops apps and performs consulting with a focus on mobile devices. Currently we are working on a series of novelty games and also a large number of educational games targeted for young children.


Digital Copel is an app packed full of fun and educational lessons for young children ages 0-6. All the lessons are based on Copel’s original curriculum. Using their specialized knowledge and experience in early childhood learning, they have been constantly developing all their own educational material for the Japanese market over the past 20 years. The app includes a large variety of games, quizzes and other lessons such as flashcards, memory tests, writing lessons, puzzles, math problems, listening comprehension, matching shapes and spatial recognition lessons.


Copel’s core concept is to teach children the fun of learning right from the early age, as this is when they start to develop a sense of curiosity and can absorb the most. Their potential can best be developed when they are having fun. The lessons are intentionally short in order to keep the child’s concentration for as long as possible.


The app is available in English and Japanese for Android, iOS and Amazon smartphones and tablets.

Tower Frenzy is our newest game App, which is currently in development. In Tower Frenzy you use tetris-style blocks influenced by gravity to build the highest tower possible. How far up can you get before losing balance? Share your high scores online.

Phonics by Phone is a volunteer charity project by Phonics Ghana that, as the name implies, uses the phonics method to teach English to young children. Like in many other developing countries in Africa, despite there being a lack of electricity, many people have mobile phones (quite often the so-called feature phones) and the network coverage reaches these remote villages. The teachers can access an audio-based phonics curriculum prepared by Educators International. A critical part to any educational programme is assessment. In order to accurately measure whether or not the students are improving then the students need to be periodically tested. This is where FUNX comes in. We have developed a lightweight Android app that runs on cheap, old model Android smartphones. The app works by downloading assessment material and then printing it on a cheap and portable bluetooth printer. The type of printer we are using is thermal, usually used for printing receipts so there is zero ink required. Once a teacher is equipped with one phone and printer then they are ready to assess all the students in a very cost effective manner, even if their classroom is outside!


Since the apps initial release, two major features have been added. The first allows teachers to record their students’ results in the cloud and gives them overall statistics on the performance of their classes. The second feature is a side project that was started by the Phonics Ghana project; utilizing the app’s ability to print cheaply, volunteers are now able to print translations of picture books into English and other regional languages. Those translations can then be simply glued onto the pages making the stories available in any language without having to republish the entire book!

The FUNX Vision

Message From The CEO

30 years ago the then CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, had a revolutionary idea – to have a computer on every desk in every home. In those days the only computers around were for big corporations. They would often occupy several large rooms – several floors in some cases – let alone trying to fit one on top of a desk. Fast forward a few decades and now we live in an era where the mobile devices we hold in our hand are many more times powerful then those behemoths of that bygone era. FUNX started wondering what we could do with these fascinating and powerful devices we always carry around with us.

Technology is evolving in constant waves. We at FUNX aren’t interested using antiquated technology, just like no surfer tries to ride a flat wave. We strive to work with the latest state-of-the art technology; we want to be surfing the latest biggest wave. By being up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in any technology related with mobile, we can achieve our company vision of continually creating new and fun games and apps by combining various interesting technologies. There is no limit to what kind of products we can make as long as we provide a work environment that fosters and incubates. Our employees’ creativity should be able to develop both freely and collaboratively.

FUNX isn’t in the business of simply satisfying our customers’ needs. We’re out to make our mark as a number one player and one of the ways we realise this is by delivering new needs to them. That is to say customers will come to think of some of our products as a daily necessity once they start using them. Regardless of industry, the most important thing to any company is their customers. In the world of apps, there isn’t as much one-on-one direct interaction with our customers as you find in other industries. We are, however, connected via the internet and it is through this medium that we endeavour to deliver fun, happiness and satisfaction.

There is no denying that the world of apps is a competitive one. Ever since the debut of the Apple AppStore and Google Play, many lucrative markets have opened up for both corporate and individual developers which now number in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. FUNX won’t just be a No. 1 Player, we’re going to be a player that stands out in its own right swimming in a Blue Ocean. Join us in the amazing journey ahead as we set out to become a household name.


Simon Nishi McCorkindale
1st July 2014

About FUNX

Who are we?

FUNX is a startup venture based in Japan.

What do we do?

Apps! Apps! Apps! We love apps. We think they’re fun and we love to make them. Our focus is on a games, educational apps and innovative creations blending some of the latest technologies around. We do consulting for, and develop both native and web apps with a focus on mobile smartphones and tablets.

What's in the company name?

FUNX (pronounced ‘funks’, not ‘fun x’) is a coinage of the English word ‘fun’ and the letter ‘x’ that can be used to mean both lots of and interconnectedness. We believe this name represents the company’s philosophy to interconnect people through the internet and have lots (and lots) of fun with our apps.

What do we say?

Our motto is simple: Connect the fun! This applies to not only the people who use our products but also to all of our employees.

Company Name FUNX Corporation
Address Ruble Court Minami-horie Bldg #501
1-11-8 Minami-horie
Japan 550-0005
TEL: +81-(0)6-4963-3708
Skype: funxcorp
Contact | Office Location
CEO Simon Robert Nishi McCorkindale
No. of Employees 3 (June 10th 2018)
Established 29th May 2014
Capital ¥9,900,000 (April 30th 2016)
  • App and game development for mobile devices
  • Web development
  • Consulting
Banks Nishi Nippon City Bank

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